Thursday, May 18, 2017

IAHH character traits

For my character I am choosing Ben, and he has many character traits. An example is tough. Ben was tough in the story, because he stayed strong through his survival situation. Every person could benefit from being tough. I could use this trait in my life. An example would be if I was ever in a survival situation.

Incident at Hawks Hill theme

A possible theme for Incident at Hawks Hill would be to stay strong no matter what happens. I picked this because, Ben was in a life or death situation. To survive Ben needed to stay strong. Since Ben stayed strong the result was good. Ben was able to survive, and in the end he reunited with his family.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Should school days be longer?

Today we have a survey question if we thought the school day should be longer. We also read an article about it. My answer is no, the school day shouldn't be longer. I believe this for a few reasons. An example is, students have after school sports and activities. With the school day being longer there will not be enough time for that. Another reason is, students will get stressed out and overwhelmed. All in all, the school day should not be longer. Although, if we had less school days overall then I may switch to the other side. Less school days means a longer summer.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Future Job

Today in class Mr.Croy said we will be writing a letter about a future career we are interested in. I am one hundred percent sure I will be writing to a pharmacy company or a pharmacist.

Incident at Hawks Hill Opinions

All in all, I think the book "Incident at Hawks Hill"  is fairly good. There are not many boring parts. I think it's interesting how Ben interacts with the animals. I also think Burton is an interesting character. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Fake News and War of The Worlds Reflection

Today in class we read a play called, "War of The Worlds." We also read an article named, "The remedy for the spread of fake news." These two are similar. "War of The Worlds" is technically fake news. The play is about martians invading the Earth. Years ago, people heard this play of the radio and believed it was real. In reality, this was not true and it was just an fake play. Overall, we need to be able to tell whether news is fake or not.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Tempest Reflection

Overall, I did not like the play for a few reasons. The language was hard to understand and it was boring.

Ignoring the negatives, there can be some benefits from the play. One example is, we may see some of the same difficult vocabulary later in life. This way we will be able to know what the word means. Another benefit is, later in college or high school we may read some Shakespeare. Maybe even old text like this one. Reading old text now can help us understand old text in the future.

A possible theme could be,  forgiveness or revenge is not the answer. I believe that, because Prospero wants revenge on his brother, and in the end he forgives him.